Comments from our fans

Awesome...thanks so are a blessing to our family!
Regina & John

Those are very strong words and I take them very seriously. I know I am on this earth to serve my fellow men, women and children. By making a bread that feeds and nourishes and is very healthy makes my job in life pure pleasure.
Thank you for elevating me to new heights.

I am so happy for your new adventures. Great website, and I even got to taste that bread. Hope your business takes off, gets a rise, or at yeast makes a little dough.

J and D

My husband brought the bread in from my car last night and said in a very excited voice "where did you get the perfect baguette?" He truly enjoyed your bread. THANK YOU! Please let me know if you start to sell them anywhere in Newport or Huntington.

--Nicole O'Rourke, CFSP, Food Service Marketing Coordinator

The bread was "uber" fresh... and I see that the texture is very fine, which has to be related to the lower acidic content and CO2 production of the milder Alaskan yeasted mother. It has real flavor... yet, subtle. I did half the baguette tonight, and will try to do the other Sunday morning before church, then take it to the club to share with Tom and Wendi. I gassed the second half, and managed to seal it, so we will see how it does Sunday... a fair test.


Frankly, it was quite good. Rather flaky and almost buttery in flavor. I'm not sure it's necessarily a "better" tasting bread because it's a little softer and has more of its own character than the La Brea Bakery stuff we use most of the time. But, for just hauling off and eating, it's really quite good. Professionally, it actually may take some attention away from what it is being used to showcase, if that makes any sense. It might be too good.

We loved getting the bread at class and the chef (a great guy) chimed in that it was very, very good! It certainly beat the La Brea Bakery bread he brought. Many thanks!

--Janice and Mark

My mom and I wanted to thank you for the freshest baguette we'ver ever tasted. It complimented my Eggplant Parmesan dinner last night perfectly! We didn't see your bakery address and were hoping that you could e-mail it to us so we can start becoming loyal customers at your shop. Thank you so much once again. Your kindness and genereosity is greatly appreciated.

--Armida Varela