For thousands of years, hands like these have been shaping organic long fermentation sourdough bread.

Grampy Pat's Handcrafted Organic Almost Famous Sourdough Bread is made with 140 year old Alaskan Sourdough Starter, 100% Organic Flour, High-Alkaline 9.7 Water, Sicilian Sea Salt and undergoes a 48 hour fermentation process.

Try Grampy Pat's Kombucha Bread that's high in probiotics.

No additional chemicals or additives!




Thank you for tasting Grampy Pat's Handcrafted Organic "Almost Famous" Sourdough.

The evolution of this bread started in Alaska in the 1980's. I was proud that every holiday my homemade bread would make it to family parties. They all loved the gesture and each year would proclaim it was getting better, while kindly sparing my feelings, since the loaves in the early years were hard as rocks.

If I didn't watch the table closely my nephews and nieces might be out in the yard playing Dodge Bread with Sourdough Rounds (Boules)!

Soon, with the help of King Arthur Flour, I found new techniques and the secret to great sourdough bread. Today the family can't get enough of Grampy Pat's! Gone are the days of the bread used as a hammer for household picture hanging.

The ingredient that imparts the special flavor is the 140 year old Alaskan Sourdough Starter. The rest is 100% Organic Flour from King Arthur Flour, Alkaline 9.7 Water, Sicilian Sea Salt, and a 48 hour fermentation process. No additional chemicals or additives!

Please enjoy and share with your family and friends. They will love it too!