All Organic Bread Products are a Hit!

"This is how we roll home from seeing you! That is if the slice lasts long enough to make it to the car!"
--Little Hazel O. with a slice of Einkorn Miche

Welcome to healthy bread. Hazel O. has a happy face as she starts to munch on 48 hour fermented sourdough bread made with Organic Einkorn, Organic Sprouted Wheat and Organic T-65 Starter flour from King Arthur Flour. Hazel's mom knows what's good and healthy for Little Hazel.

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All Organic Bread Products by

All Organic! GrampyPats uses only the finest ingredients in our All Organic Breads.

We use King Arthur Flour, which contains no bleach, no bromate, and no chemicals of any kind. What you get in place of all those added ingredients is the company's 220+ year commitment to purity. Learn more about King Arthur Flour at

GrampyPats only uses High Alkalinity Water and Sicilian Sea Salt. No Chemicals! All natural leavening made from 140 year Old Starter. 48 hour fermentation, naturally leavened.


  • Einkorn/ Sprouted Wheat 4 Lb Boule
  • Einkorn/ Sprouted Wheat 1/2 Boule
  • Einkorn/ Sprouted Wheat 30oz Commercial Loaf
  • Einkorn/ Sprouted Wheat 30oz Artisan loaf
  • Einkorn/ Sprouted Wheat 20oz Artisan loaf
  • Rye / Spelt /Sprouted wheat 4 lb Boule
  • Rye / Spelt /Sprouted wheat 20oz Artisan

Thank you for enjoying!